EPLIO Park Management (PM)
EPLIO Park Management (PM)


EPLIO Park Management (PM) product line offers inexpensive integrated products for parking management and access control.


Residents and Business are in need of an inexpensive parking management device that will guarantee the security and integrity of their parking access and security. They want each vehicle or human access to be recorded, strict access guidelines to be enforced, and facility access to be managed by intelligent license plate recognition system, mobile phone authentication or RFID/Bar code reader. They do not want to spend a lot of money on facility access management systems, so they look for inexpensive single-unit device.


EPLIO PM2 is an integrated facility management device that has a built-in camera sensor, high-definition camera, proprietary license plate recognition software, and USB RFID/Bar code management. The device is capable of doing all required tasks including taking a picture of each object as it enters and exits the facility, detecting the license plate, securely storing the pictures to be available via mobile phone or Internet, lifting the security gate or barrier, providing gate access via mobile phone app, license plate recognition or RFID/Bar code reader. The device is fully integrated and inexpensive (€ 750 Euro) to allow each facility owner to enforce strict access security and monitoring.

Key Features:

EPLIO PM2 device features an integrated LED display with high resolution to allow display of system messages related to access status, license plate, and object counter.
EPLIO PM2 device detects vehicles and people as they enter or exit the facility. Upon each detection the device automatically takes a picture, runs a license plate detection routine, and stores it locally ready for retrieval. The procedure allows each facility owner to monitor and audit each object access during any period. The pictures can be viewed using a mobile phone or Internet.
EPLIO PM2 has a built-in high definition camera with 1600x1200 pixels. The camera is used to take snapshots of vehicles and people and to allow advanced access control.
EPLIO PM2 uses advanced license plate recognition software for vehicle authentication and access. The software reads the license plates of vehicles entering the parking and provides automatic access to authorized vehicles. In addition, the license plate is stored in the devices database for enhanced auditing and vehicle search.
EPLIO PM2 integrates automated control switch that can open or close facility gates and barriers based on predefined conditions such as license plate recognition, vehicle detection, RFID/bar code or mobile phone access authentication.
EPLIO PM2 provides USB interface that can connect RFID card reader, bar code reader, QR-code reader, NFC reader and other types of scanning equipment to allow automatic authentication of system users
EPLIO PM2 offers mobile phone authentication and management options to allow configuration of the device. In addition, clients can use their mobile phones for facility access and monitoring.
EPLIO PM2 offers parking monitoring and audition via Internet or mobile phone. Users can log into EPLIO PM2 and review all object snapshots and search the devices database for unauthorized access.
EPLIO PM2 has software counting algorithm that allows counting of vehicles and people as they enter or exit the facility. The system has an open two-way API to allow third-party products to receive and send counting and subscriber data.
Technical Parameters
Power (V)
110V/220V AC
USB 2.0 (RFID card, BAR Code, QR-Code)
LED Type
IoT Power Switch (A)
4.34 kg (9.57lb)
Dimensions (WxDxH)
100.5cm x 9cm x 16cm (39.57” x 3.54” x 6.30”)
Operational Temp
-10°C to + 60°C
Enforced PVC
Installation Type
Dual AL Clamps

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