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ParkZone is a software developed by Eplio and Sysmaster Corporation, USA for the purpose of proving mobile parking zone enforcement. The software is installed in a moving enforcement vehicle, processes stream from 6 cameras, and uses AI license plate detection algorithms to verify the status of all parked vehicles within a specified parking zone.

ParkZone product increases the revenue collection with over 70%.

ParkZone AI Package
ParkZone Interface 1
PakrZone Interface 2
PakrZone Interface 3

ParkZone is an advanced AI software/hardware package that is installed on a moving parking enforcement vehicle. The software uses 6 cameras to capture License Plate Numbers and automatically detect them. Once the LPN are captured, they are send to a central server where their parking status is verified. If the verification fails or the parking status is invalid, the software automatically issues a citation to the parked vehicle, records the event, and stores all data in the cloud server. The parking operator verifies the LPN validity, prints the citations, and sticks them to the windshield of the violation vehicle.

ParkZone is an intelligent AI system to detect and verify License Plate Numbers (LPN) automatically. It is installed in a moving enforcement vehicle equipped with 6 cameras.

This is how it works:

  1. ParkZone learns LPN detection using the sophisticated AI algorithm. The process takes usually 5 days.
  2. ParkZone administrator configures the GPS polygon where the parking enforcement will take place. This allows the parking enforcement to work automatically without the need for manual intervention.
  3. ParkZone captures video feed from 6 vehicle installed cameras.
  4. LPN is automatically detected and send via a mobile 3G/4G connection to a central server for validation of its parking status.
  5. If the LPN parking validation fails the software asks the operator to verify the validity of the generated citation such as the proper LPN detection and the proper violation type.
  6. The operator can generate a citation manually if there is a need once a violation is detected (example: illegal parking on a handicapped spot).
  7. Once the violation is confirmed the operator uses ParkZone to print out a citation and sticks it on the windshield of the violating vehicle.
  8. To optimize the revenue generation and enforcement, the operator may choose to use the intelligent navigation function which will show the route with the largest number of possible vehicles that violate the parking regulation.
  9. The violation case is recorded on the central cloud server.
  10. Violation information can be retrieved online using the QR-code on the citation ticket. The information includes: time/date of violation, picture of the vehicle, violation type, fine value, GPS coordinates, operator number, payment information, license plate number.

ParkZone software is installed on a laptop computer within a parking enforcement vehicle. It interfaces with 6 cameras installed in the vehicle that send real-time video streams. The AI module of the software does license plate number detection to verify the status of each processed license plate against the regulation of the parking zone. If a vehicle is found to be illegally parked, the software automatically creates a ticket with the violation information such as: License Plate Number (LPN); time stamp;GPS coordinates; violation type; picture of the parked vehicle; operator number; fine amount; payment information; QR code – this information allows easy access to the violation history.

ParkZone uses Artificial Intelligence algorithm to learn the way to properly detect license place numbers. The learning procedure takes 5 days but once completed it guarantees that all LPN detection will be done automatically and without interference or verification from an operator. The operator may choose to verify the violation type and LPN number and then print out the citation ticket.

ParkZone works with 6 cameras that are positioned so that virtually all parked vehicles within the parking zone (GPS polygon) are scanned automatically. This allows the enforcement vehicle to drive without special distance and alignment requirements relative to the parked vehicles.

ParkZone software has an integrated AI algorithm that through learning builds up intelligent way to detect LPN properly. The learning procedure is quite complex, it takes 5 to 7 days, and is done by our company as a service. As a result we generate a custom XML file that contains data sets relevant to the proper LPN detection for the specific parking zone (GPS Polygon).

ParkZone software can work in areas that are mixed – with paid parking and free parking zones. To avoid errors the system will only enforce parking rules within strictly configured parking zones using GPS polygons. All LPN detection will take place only in such zones and be verified against the central LPN ticket database in real-time.

The goal of the parking authority is to reduce the parking violations and increase the parking revenue. ParkZone has functions that allow automatic enforcement vehicle navigation to ticket the maximum number of parking violators. The navigation procedure creates a route that has the most LPN found to be with violation status. This allows increased revenues from timely citations and better parking enforcement.

ParkZone has an automatic parking ticket issuing system that allows one-click ticket printing. Once a LPN violation is detected the system automatically takes a picture of the vehicle, asks the operator to print-out a ticket, and stick the ticket to the windshield of the vehicle. The ticket contains information such as: License Plate Number (LPN); time stamp;GPS coordinates; violation type; operator number; QR code; fine value; payment information. Once scanned the QR allows access to the violation database that displays all information about the violation including a picture of the parked vehicle.

ParkZone main goal is to increase the efficiency of the parking enforcement procedure and the ticketing revenue. That is the reason the system constantly monitors for vehicle violations that are already detected and such that are about to happen. ParkZone monitors the LNP list that is about to expire in the central database server and creates automatic routes using GPS navigation procedure to allow maximum capture of such LPN violations. The result is increased ticketing and parking revenue.

ParkZone detects all LPN violations automatically and generates tickets. The system asks the operator to verify that the software-detected license plate number is correct. Once the verification is complete, the operator prints-out the ticket and sticks the ticket to the windshield of the vehicle.

ParkZone keeps track of all LPN violations within its online cloud database. Each violation can be retrieved and viewed using the QR-code of the corresponding ticket. This allows easy verification of the violation to include: License Plate Number (LPN); time stamp;GPS coordinates; violation type; picture of the parked vehicle; operator number; fine amount; payment information.

ParkZone collects all detected LPN in a list and verifies actively their status during its operation. Once LPN is found to be with expired or invalid parking status, ParkZone attempts to issue a citation. All LPN entries that are currently labeled as parked are monitored for violations in real-time.

ParkZone is a software that supports ParkZone Cloud interface. ParkZone Cloud is used by clients to run reports and statistics on the data collected by the ParkZone systems installed on the enforcement vehicles. ParkZone database is automatically exported and securely stored on the cloud to be available to the parking zone managers.

ParkZone software constantly checks all detected LNP with the central database for proper authorization. If a vehicle has an expired hourly parking permit the ParkZone will detect its state and issue a ticket. This requires a constant data connection with the central server that is achieved using 2G/3G/4G data link.

ParkZone software interfaces with 6 HD cameras on-board of the enforcement vehicle. The video feed is H.264 encoded and streamed to the mobile ParkZone CPU that automatically learns and provides LPN detection regardless of the position and the angle of the LPN. Once a violation is detected the software automatically issues a ticket which may be audited by the operator to prevent false citation.

Computer Board
Quad-Core Intel I7 Touchscreen Laptop
Ethernet Port
WIFI Port Server
Thermal Ticket Printer
80mm, Auto-cutter, High-Speed
6x Hi-def H.264 Camera
Digital Temp Sensor*
-50C to +80C
USB Interface
3x USB 2.0 (RFID card, BAR Code, QR-Code, WIFI)
110V/220V AC, 12V DC
2.0 kg (4.41lb)
Operational Temp
-10C to + 60C
Enforced PVC
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