How does it work?

Eplio Scan&Win is a FREE mobile app that will make shopping rewarding and fun. It does not cost money to use – on the contrary - it allows you to win cash or scanned products. This is how it works:

  • You go to a store and you select to purchase a product.
  • You are not sure if the price that you are asked to pay is correct.
  • You start Eplio San&Win, scan the bar code of the product and Eplio Scan&Win instantly returns results from online retailers offering the same product.
  • You compare their prices with the price shown of the price tag at the store. Simply enter the store price and Eplio Scan&Win will instantly calculate your savings.

If the online prices are lower you have two options:

  • First, you can go to the store manager and ask them to provide you with price matching, so that their store price becomes equal to the price provided by the online store. Many stores in USA and Canada have such policies.
  • Second, you can simply purchase the product from the online store and save money over the traditional store price tag.

Is that simple?

But there is more :)
Scan&Win Sweepstakes

Once you scan the product and you get the price you can automatically choose to win the scanned product by submitting free tickets to our Scan&Win sweepstakes. The procedure is simple - you simply press a button. On a daily basis, our computer randomly selects a winning ticket out of all tickets submitted by all users for this calendar day. The user that has the winning ticket will receive the scanned product for free or receive its monetary equivalent.

Play Eplio Scan&Win “Instant Cash Pick” to win cash with every product scan that you do. Make money and get paid directly for using the application. It is simple and fun.

Sounds exciting? You shop and win at the same time. And it is all free :)

If you are interested to participate, simply Download Eplio onto your Android or iOS smart phone now.