Our Partners:

The Eplio App is a fast and efficient way to provide price and product informaiton related to the bar code of the product. If you are an online or offline retailer with online presence, please contact us so we can integrate your product database with our app and drive our shoppers to your web site.

Retail partnerships

By partnering with Eplio online retailers are able to:

  • Drive incremental online traffic to your online stores
  • Drive incremental revenue from direct online product advertising and sale
  • Support brand equity and competitive differentiation
  • Augment and support omnichannel efforts
  • Attract high-value demographics (teenagers, young adults, millennials, moms, young families, etc.)
  • Leverage the power of mobile to improve online store experiences
  • Develop long-term relationships with consumers
  • Capture data on consumer behaviors and resonance of merchandising

Brand partnerships

Eplio develops brand programs that span the full path-to-purchase. Our programs:

  • Raise awareness about well-known brands through high-impact branding
  • Expose consumers to new products and brand extensions
  • Drive consumers to products on the web
  • Garner consumer insights at the moment of product engagement
  • Develop strong online presence

Let's work together

We work with teams across disciplines, including:

  • Brand marketing
  • Innovation
  • Shopper marketing insights
  • In-store
  • Media, creative, digital or mobile
  • Activation agencies
  • Retail marketing

Join our online retailer database and discover Eplio’s unique ability to build shopping intent and close the path-to-purchase loop.
Contact us to lear more: sales@eplio.com