Frequently Asked Questions

How Eplio can improve my shopping experience?

Eplio Scan&Win is a mobile app that is connected to a large number of online retailers providing low product prices. While you are in the store and intend to purchase a product, simply scan its bar code and Eplio Scan&Win will automatically suggest low online prices for the same product. Knowing these prices you have two options: either purchase the product online from the suggested online retailer, or use the information to ask the offline store manager for a price match.

How long does it take to scan a product bar code?

It takes only two seconds to scan a product bar code—just aim your smart phone camera. It is very simple and fun. Eplio Scan&Win will provide low price product alternatives and at the same time give you the opportunity to win this product for free in our Scan&Win sweepstakes.

How can I win free products

Eplio Scan&Win is a unique mobile application which allows you to win free products in a Scan&Win sweepstakes. Every person that uses Eplio Scan&Win can have unlimited tickets and thus increase his chance of winning. For example, a person likes a home entertainment system, scans it bar code, and then submits it to Eplio Scan&Win as a single or multiple tickets in the Eplio Scan&Win Sweepstakes. There are some restrictions that apply.

How can I multiple my chance to win free products?

Eplio Scan&Win offers several ways to increase your chances to participate in the Scan&Win sweepstakes. Every scan allows one Scan&Win sweepstake ticket, however, you can multiply this scan by following these rules:

  • Price Check Bonus (Bonus +1) - you get an additional ticket by simply entering the price of the product that you have just scanned. This product price is displayed on the price tag in the store that you are visiting.
  • Facebook Share Bonus (Bonus + 1) - you get an additional ticket by posting a note about your scanned product on your Facebook page. This is done automatically by Eplio Scan&Win.
  • Referrals Bonus (Bonus + x) - you get multiple tickets for every friend or relative that you have referred to Eplio Scan&Win for the last three month. Friends that have been referrals for more than three months will not be considered for “Referrals Bonus”. These referral bonus tickets are only good for a single scan during one calendar day. Once used the option of the “Referrals Bonus” will reappear again on the next calendar day.

Using the bonuses automatically increases your Scan&Win Sweepstakes tickets count by the bonus number, thus providing you with an edge over other users to win your free product.

What are the limitations and conditions of the Scan&Win Sweepstakes.

To avoid abuse Eplio Scan&Win has some limitations to the sweepstake tickets that are submitted by the Eplio Scan&Win users.

  • One bar code can only be used in a sweepstakes once per calendar week. In other words, Eplio Scan&Win will not allow one bar code ticket to be submitted by one user to the Scan&Win Sweepstakes more than once every calendar week. This will prevent one user scanning the same products every day to win prices or money.
  • One user can not use the “Referrals Bonus” more than once per calendar day
  • One user cannot win an item that is over $1,000 in value. If such an item is won in the Scan&Win Sweepstakes, Eplio will provide $1,000 payment.
  • Eplio reserves the right to compensate the user either with the won product or with its monetary equivalent (the price of the product on Amazon.com web site at the time the product was scanned). This will allow Eplio to compensate users for won products that are out of stock, hard to get, or difficult to ship.
  • Eplio reserves the right to make payments by check, money order, or PayPal at its own discression. For each payment Eplio may ask the winner to provide relevant data such as PayPal account email so such payment can be processed.
  • Eplio reserves the right to publish a link to the winner Facebook page for reference purposes. Our service is based on trust and what is the best way to inspire trust than providing references by winners. In addition, Eplio may publish a note on the winner Facebook page related the won product or money.
  • If the number of total daily scans by all users is lower than 10,000 then the daily prize will be $100 or the value of the scanned product. If the number of total daily scans is 10,000 or more than the daily prize will be one of the following: the scanned product, the scanned product monetary equivalent on Amazon.com web site, or $1,000 cash (if the scanned product has a higher value).

What is Eplio Scan&Win “Instant Cash Pick”?

After the bar code scan, every user is eligible to play the “Instant Cash Pick” game which will on random basis grant cash. Once the user collects $20 (twenty dollars), he can claim a payment and Eplio will transfer the money to his PayPal account. This game is free and available to every user that scans a product. The chances to win cash do not depends on the user behavior and are simply based on luck.

Why Eplio uses Facebook to log in

Eplio respects your privacy and that is the reason we have decide to collect minimal data for our users that contains personal information. This information is provided by Facebook using their secure API procedure. Facebook is also used to properly identify all Eplio Scan&Win users so that they can be identified in case they win the Scan&Win Sweepstakes. We are committed to respecting your privacy and protecting your information.

Why do you use my Facebook page to publish products that I have scanned

This is the only supported option for you to collect referrals and thus increase your “Referral Bonus”. This is a very simple and intuitive way to let your friends and relatives know that you use the app so they can join and experience Eplio Scan&Win for themselves. You can also turn off Facebook publishing by simply unchecking the “Share to FB” option while you use the application.

Can I promote Eplio Scan&Win using other methods but Facebook?

No. This is not possible at this time because in many cases such open promotions create spamming and Eplio is strictly against any form of spam.

What kind of mobile phones do your support

Currently Eplio Scan&Win runs on iOS and Android phones. Please, feel free to Download Eplio Scan&Win by visiting this page

How is the Referrals Bonus calculated

The Referrals Bonus is based on the active count of friends and relatives you have referred to Eplio Scan&Win through your Facebook page for the last three (3) months. Referrals that have been referred prior to this three month period are not counted towards the Referrals Bonus.

Why Referrals Bonus can be used only once every calendar day?

Referrals Bonus can only be used once per calendar day to allow users without many referrals to win the Scan&Win sweepstakes as well.

What is a Sign-Up Bonus?

Sign-up bonus is a bonus program for new subscribers that will increass their chance in winning the Daily Scan&Win Sweepstakes.

Is Eplio Scan&Win available for everybody to download

Eplio Scan&Win is available only for users in USA and Canada now. It will be available in the near future to users in other countries.

Is it Free?

Yes, Eplio Scan&Win is free to use. It is the first and only application to allow you to make money by simply scanning bar codes of products.

How do I use Epplio app?

Just download our iOS or Android app on to your mobile phone or tablet and start scanning product bar codes.

How Eplio Scan&Win helps make cash?

Eplio Scan&Win is the only app that allows its users to make money online. Eplio Scan&Win grants products and cash to users that utilize the application for their shopping needs and scan bar codes of products. The Eplio Scan&Win app does not require the users to follow any unusual behavior. Users simply need to do whatever they already do while shopping – checking on prices.

Do I need to register?

No, you do not need to register, but you need to have a Facebook account to use the service. Anyone can play Eplio Scan&Win Sweepstakes and win prizes or cash. In short, to win cash and other prizes you must be a registered player 13 years of age or older and a residents of the United States or Canada.

Are there limits on how much I can scan?

There is no limit on the number of items you can scan, however, one and the same item can be only scanned once every week.

Why does it say that the item is already scanned?

There is a limit on how often you can scan the same item. If you're seeing this message, it's because you've already scanned that item that calendar week.

The item I scanned is different from the one displayed?

There are may different product databases out there. If the wrong item informaiton is displayed you will still get tickets for our Scan&Win Sweepstakes. You can type in the correct item name and price, and still win cash and products (even if we got the item wrong). It helps us correct the product information.

Why the bar codes should be 12 digits or more?

The product bar codes use standards that require each bar code to be 12 digits or more. Some bar codes have less digits because they are used for internal purposes by the stores and they do not represented in the global product directory. Please, try to locate bar codes with 12 digits or more and scan them.

How Eplio Scan&Win makes money?

Eplio Scan&Win collects marketing information about the different products of interest to the demographic segment of the subscribers and provides this data to third-party companies that use it for market research purposes. Eplio Scan&Win does not share individual user data but only aggregated product data.

Eplio Scan&Win does not work on my phone?

Eplio Scan&Win requires an Android or iOS phone or tablet. In addition it requires a network connection to allow data exchange with Facebook and Eplio servers. If at any time this network connection is unavailable, the application will stop working. Sometimes the change of the default smartphone web browser fixes performance problems. We recommend that the native browsers (such as Chrome) are used.

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